Chat with a Time-Traveller

(Pre-script: Hey guys!

So, I was just browsing through chatrooms the other day and I stumbled across one which piqued my interests. It was a closed group. Somehow, I got a chance to chat with a time-traveller. This is an excerpt from the chat.

Please read till the end!)

Me: Hey!
Traveller: Hello!
Me: Time-travel Enthusiast here.
Traveller: Time-Traveller here.
Me: Cool!
Me: Really? Are there real travellers here?
Traveller: Yeah. I am one of em.
Me: Lol. Which year r u from?
Traveller: 2049
Me: Umm…Okay..
Me: So, how’s world?
Traveller: So you wanna know the future?
Me: Yeah!
Traveller: What do you wanna know?
Me: How is everything? WW3 happen yet?
Traveller: Not yet. But the rumor has been hovering like forever!
Me: So is it gonna happen soon?
Traveller: Maybe…
Me: So is the US still a super-power? Who is leading them?
Traveller: Yeah! And the president is a transgender. He was the leader of the LGBT Rights Commission before becoming the president of the states. He is one hell of a leader!
Me: When did Trump go?
Traveller: A year and a half after he became the prez!
Me: How?
Traveller: The books say somebody grabbed him by his d**k and threw him out of the office! Turns out he is not the only one who can do some private-part-grabbing!
Me: Oh!
Me: Now I wanna know about my country..How is India doing?
Traveller: Still a developing country. #5th on the corruption list.
Me: Who is the prime minister?
Traveller: Of?
Me: India
Traveller: I don’t remember the lady’s name.. But she is good. Better than any man who led the country. At least that’s what the people say!
Me: Population?
Traveller: Most populated. Surpasses China by 2020.
Traveller: Merged with Pakistan and Bangladesh again.
Me: Oh! That’s good.
Me: What about terrorism?
Traveller: Lowest rates in decades.
Me: How is transportation in 2049?
Traveller: Almost the same..
Me: Come are lying right?
Traveller: Nope! Not much in the automobile industry.
Traveller: Germany has lost control of their engineering strongholds. Volkswagen is in debt.
Me: What about the tech industry?
Traveller: Google has a really good competitor. Baidu is spreading their reach. Expanding beyond China!
Traveller: Facebook is out of business, but the other branches of Facebook like whatsapp are doing good!
Traveller: Later Apple was challenged by a new brand called THE MELON!
Traveller: I have told you too much already. I have to go now!
Me: Wait! I have one more question.
Me: Is there something very important that is going to happen and I should know about?
Traveller: As I said I have already said too much. But I’ll say this though –
Traveller: Watchout! Cause WINTER IS HERE!

Living The Dream Chapter 2 (Part 1)

(Pre-script: Sorry for the delay guys…I got lazy!)

I was wide awake by this point. However, I couldn’t make sense of what was going on around me. People I didn’t know, I couldn’t recognize seemed happy to see me.

It was not long before I realized that it was a birthday celebration. People were laughing, giggling, thrilled. All happy emotions one could think of, I could see. I was being tended. Smiles was being shared all around. It was all too much. It was really overwhelming.

I got up and left the room. I was searching for a quiet place. Then I saw it – A washroom! I would have been the happiest person at that instant of time, that too, just on seeing a washroom. I got in and closed the door behind me. I went in so that I could gather myself. All of this seemed like a dream. So, I decided to wake me up by washing my face. As I turned to do exactly the same my eyes fell on a mirror. I was stunned! I couldn’t look away. I saw myself as a whole other human being. It really wasn’t me.

I could sense my heartbeat. It was slowing down one beat at a time. I couldn’t do anything. It was like I was having a paralysis attack or at least what I thought paralysis attack would be like. I couldn’t move my feet or my arms or any part of my body. Everything from that point on was blurry with the only image clear was that of the guy I saw in the mirror. All I remember then, is my knees falling weak. Then I heard a loud thud and felt an excruciating pain on my forehead. And, the last sound I heard before my eyes closed again was that of a liquid droplet hitting the already wet ground – ‘PLUCK’.

Living the Dream Chapter – 1


          It was pitch black darkness. It was quiet. More quietness than I have ever experienced before. It was overwhelming.

          All of a sudden I start to hear voices. I see that the darkness was beginning to fade. I could see that first ray of light. I was happy to be seeing this ‘Light vs Dark’ fight. It reminded me of Star Wars. The light slowly started winning the battles. It was starting to get bright.

        The voices started to grow louder. By this time, I was able to see more than just the light. I could see shapes forming. More colors were being added into the mix. Different freestyle forms were starting to appear. These forms were like the ones I make using MS-Paint; meaning that I couldn’t make any sense out of them. They were blurry.

         As of now, the voices had become deafening loud. My ears shut down. All I could hear was – ‘EEEEEE’. I tried to compose myself and started to open my eyes. As I opened my eyes, the shapes that I was talking about started to grow clearer. I soon realized that they were people.

      My eyes were now fully open. I could see exactly what was going on. It was a celebration; for me. I had no idea why. The people standing in front of me were very happy. The only problem was that I grew anxious after seeing them. I could sense a chill running down my spine. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was scared. My head started to hurt.

       All of this coming down to one reason – I couldn’t recognize any one of them! I was on the verge of realizing that my life was about to turn upside-down.

Living The Dream – A Story

Hey guys,

So here’s the thing – I’ve been procrastinating writing posts a lot lately. I think a possible reason could be that I can’t find anything interesting to tell you guys about. Yes people – Life is boring nowadays (at least for me…).

I was thinking the other day about how there ought to be a way so that I can continue writing. And then it struck me; Stories! I remembered how interesting stories are. So I thought to myself – ‘Why not write one?’. It could be used as a post as well. I began exploring this new idea I had.

Now here I am with a start to my story. I just have a rough outline about what it would be. Also, I only have the start of the story figured out. I hope that the people reading my posts will actually relate to it and also that you can help me take it forward by giving me their opinions and insights about the story.

So, the next few posts will be on the new story that I developed just now called – LIVING  THE DREAM : A STORY.

Hope you’ll enjoy it & keep reading.

How to – ‘NOT’ Get a Girl !

Hey guys,

        As you know Valentine’s Day is just two days away. So it’s one reason that I am writing this now. The other reason is that I couldn’t think of a topic to write on until a couple of days ago & I happened to ask my friends for one. One of them told me that I should write on  – How to get a girl. I explained to him how I should be the last person to write that. Then he suggested this topic & I found it to be interesting. So here I am!

      1)  There is a very basic but important thing that a guy would have to do to get a girl or at least meet a girl & that is going out & socializing. I don’t do that too often. If you don’t do that there is no way you are going to meet a new person. So, that reduces your chance of getting a girl.

        2) What do you think is more important? Brains or Personality? People may say both are. I tend to lean towards brain, which is why I use my time to do activities that nurture my brain rather than doing personality development training. Personality is a very important factor that girls consider about a guy. So, if you don’t want a girl, then do not care about Charisma.

         I have to say though that the brains vs persona thing goes both ways.Those are two things that guys look for in a girl. Good looks are a factor; I agree. But, people like me have very high expectations of finding all of these qualities in one girl which happens ultra rarely. The following statement is applicable for every situation in life – Reality Never Matches Expectations.

        3) Time. You’ve got to dedicate your time to a girl. They are very sensitive about this. I have seen many relations getting broken up coz of this very clichéd reason – You don’t spend time with me anymore. So the next tip is to never find spare time. I find very less time for myself even though I am not doing anything meaningful or useful any given time of the day. It’s an art that you master with practice.

        4) Be really choosy. As I mentioned before, reality is nothing compared to our expectations. So be as unrealistic as possible. This will make every real girl a disappointment even though you’re not that good yourself.

        5) Be that guy. Yeah! Be that guy who points out every small mistake. People, especially girls, find it really annoying. It will certainly improve your chances of going up that least likely table.

        My fellow dudes & bros, this is a list of very few things that have worked for me so far. So if you DO NOT want to get a girl this Valentine’s follow these rules.And, if you do not wish to stay single anymore, then please change your priorities & review your options & remember – Someone else’s hand is better than yours! 😛

        Also, if you have any tips share with me. And for the girls reading this, if you think that I am wrong about any of those points then lemme know.

[BC (Blog Credit): Sujit KC]

Bored? Hell Yeah!

Ssup guys..??

        Happy beginning of the week to all of you.. So I hop you enjoyed your weekends, right? If you did, then I am happy for you. And if you didn’t; well you are not alone. I am just as miserable as you are.

        My life has taken a very drastic and nasty turn over the past couple of years. I find myself talking to…. well..myself a lot nowadays. A lot more than I used to. Well this and many other habit of mine stems from the same factor – BOREDOM! My life has become extremely boring overall except for when I am hanging out with my buddies which has become a lot less considering they all have something or the other to do (unlike me 😛). I myself go out a lot less these days coz I am stuck to my PC. Then too I am bored as hell.

        So what do you do when you are bored, right? I eat a lot when I am bored. I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet. I waste a lot of valuable time. This time around I found a link which said – ‘A list of the most useless sites on the internet’. I spent almost 4 hours visiting and trying out each of those websites. Another thing that I do is that I act when I am bored. I put myself in the shoes of an actor. I think of scenes from the movies & I reenact those scenes. I do this only when I am by myself (obviously).

        However, it’s not all bad. Being bored has its own advantages. In my case I somehow end up doing a lot of thinking. There are round table conferences taking place inside my head where hundreds of voices take part. I am reminded of my goals that I tend to ignore or forget at times. This enlightenment sticks for a few days before I go back to being that lazy-ass again. Actually, I do not forget what my end aims are but I choose to not work towards it sometimes. The storm that hits shatters my boat of conviction. Then again a short period of time comes during which I am self-reminded of my ambitions.

        Nobody likes being bored, especially not me. What do you guys do when you are bored? Lemme know!


Time Travelling (Part II)…..

Ssup guys?

        So my last post was about the major question that pops into our mind when we hear ‘Time Travel’. This post is to take the exploration of time travelling effects further.

        I have already written about the dilemma of ‘where to?’ in my last post. Now its time to talk about the  ‘when?’. The question is when will we be able to actually experience time travel. How long before an actual time-machine (if that’s what they name it) will be invented? Technological advancements never seem to cease in this awesome (sometimes) world of ours. Yet for some reason we have not been able to bend the principles and laws of TIME.

        I have always wondered if a time machine does exist & for some reason whoever owns it has not revealed its existence. If one thinks very hard about the consequences such a device or invention can cause it is understandable why its existence has not been revealed yet. It in someway, I believe, can lead to world domination. Countries will fight to get their hands on it. It may very well be the root cause of World War III. The life of the person who invented/owns it will become a hellish.

        Though there are many reasons that points to various disadvantages of a time travelling machine, deep down every one of us wants it. So, lemme know what you would do if you invented/owned a time machine.

Time Travel….

       One of my greatest obsessions over the years has been thinking and fantasizing about ‘Time Travelling’. Who wouldn’t want an awesome time travelling adventure, right? But lately that obsession of mine has reached another level.

        Travelling itself is a fun activity and if you add time to it then there is no proper way to describe it. The curiosity, the excitement, the fear, the exhilaration-all these feelings reach its zenith when you hear time travel. Different movies and TV series portray the result of time travel in different ways. Most result in an adventurous time (well that’s obvious) and land the people involved in the adventure in very ridonculous situations.

        The first question that comes to mind when you consider time travel is if you would wanna go to the past or the future. It’s a pretty big dilemma. I have thought about it a lot & I have reached an impasse. I know that it’s not just a problem with me. Every time travel enthusiast will have the same predicament when faced with this question. I have thought about both the scenarios i.e travelling into the past or to the future. My first instinct was to travel to the past. It was the first thing that came to my mind because I have many things that I wished I wouldn’t have done & many situations  that I wished I could have avoided. But then again I thought to myself what if I changed something and the pickle I find myself due to it is worse. Then I thought of travelling to the future and finding myself in a futuristic land full of miracles (Whoa!!Yeah!!). Then came the unpleasant thought of what if it isn’t as awesome a future as I thought it would be. What would I do then? This was the impasse I was talking about earlier.

        I haven’t decided yet & I probably think I have a few more years before people actually begin to travel through time. I hope I have an answer by then. If you already have an answer lemme know by commenting it below!




Cold – The Most Frustrating Disease Ever?

The question of the day is – Is cold the most frustrating disease ever?

        Everyone, at least once, has had cold right? It is the most common disease. Hence the name ‘Common Cold’.

        Cold, according to me, is not even an actual disease. It is like half a disease. It is a symptom for many diseases. So, basically it is a symptom for a disease. Yet it causes so much trouble that it leaves us weak.

       Cold for me is one of the most dreadful diseases. The reason for this being it is the most easy to catch. It is infectious. Another reason is the fact that the most common cold virus is named ‘Rhinovirus’. Cold can be one of the most annoying disease mainly because of the running nose. All the tissue in the world falls short when you catch a cold. It leaves you in a mess. A mess of your own Booger. Even then it doesn’t stop. It carries on until it gives you a headache. The most easily treatable thing becomes a pain in the you know what for some period of time.

        At last when the war is over, & the dust has cleared we are the ones who remain. We won, but just barely. They smile even though they are defeated. They just gave us the run around. We are happy that we survived & we get more cautious so as to keep more tissue with us the next time around!

That Feeling Though…..

Hola there!

        I just finished watching a sitcom recently. ‘The Office’ to be exact. Suddenly, I realized I was experiencing a strange feeling. Yeah, I am talking about that feeling from the title of this post.

        I have a habit of getting completely immersed whilst watch a series or a movie. I get so immersed that sometimes I forget that I am watching a series & I start to think that I am experiencing what the characters are in person. I start to feel attached to those characters & I feel like I am one of them.

        I finished watching ‘The Office’ in almost a week and a half and I grew very close to those characters. Even I felt sad emotions rushing inside of me when Michael Scott left us. I was happy when Jim & Pam grew close. I enjoyed Dwight’s antics. When I finished the series I was sad that I was going to miss them. It kinda left a void in my heart(too cheesy?). I wanted them to be back in the office again having new adventures & I wanted to be there with them to experience it.

        This was not the first time I experienced that feeling. It happens every time I wrap-up watching something. However every time it feels different. That’s how I know how much I enjoyed watching it. Though that feeling is not good it is worth every bit coz the joy of watching it is tremendous.

        I know for a fact that I am not the only one who feels this way. So, if you have a similar experience lemme know.