How to ‘NOT’ Get a Girl – Edited


        As you know Valentine’s Day is just two days away. So it’s one reason that I am writing this now. The other reason is that I couldn’t think of a topic to write on until a couple of days ago & I happened to ask my friends for one. One of them told me that I should write on  – How to get a girl. I explained to him how I should be the last person to write that. Then he suggested this topic & I found it to be interesting. So here I am!

      1)  There is a very basic but important thing that a guy would have to do to get a girl or at least meet a girl & that is going out & socializing. I don’t do that too often. If you don’t do that there is no way you are going to meet a new person. So, that reduces your chance of getting a girl.

        2) What do you think is more important? Brains or Personality? People may say both are. I tend to lean towards the brain, which is why I use my time to do activities that nurture my brain rather than doing personality development training. Personality is a very important factor that girls consider in a guy. So, if you don’t want a girl, then do not care about Charisma.

         I have to say though that the brains vs persona thing go both ways.Those are two things that guys look for in a girl. Good looks are a factor; I agree. But, people like me have very high expectations of finding all of these qualities in one girl which happens ultra rarely. The following statement is applicable to every situation in life – Reality Never Matches Expectations.

        3) Time. You’ve got to dedicate your time to a girl. They are very sensitive about this. I have seen many relations getting broken up coz of this very clichéd reason – You don’t spend time with me anymore. So the next tip is to never find spare time. I find very less time for myself even though I am not doing anything meaningful or useful any given time of the day. It’s an art that you master with practice.

        4) Be really choosy. As I mentioned before, the reality is nothing compared to our expectations. So be as unrealistic as possible. This will make every real girl a disappointment even though you’re not that good yourself.

        5) Be that guy. Yeah! Be that guy who points out every small mistake. People, especially girls, find it really annoying. It will certainly improve your chances of going up that least likely table.

        My fellow dudes & bros, this is a list of very few things that have worked for me so far. So if you DO NOT want to get a girl this Valentine’s follow these rules.And, if you do not wish to stay single anymore, then please change your priorities & review your options & remember – Someone else’s hand is better than yours! 😛

        Also, if you have any tips share with me. And for the girls reading this, if you think that I am wrong about any of those points then lemme know.


True Self?


Today’s topic is something that I am really curious to know about. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I’ve realized how everyone of us has many different versions of ourselves. We become different people at different times.

We all appear differently to others than we see ourselves. Ask somebody if you don’t believe me. I am sure cause I have. This is not because people are constantly trying to analyse us to figure us out or because everyone has a different point-of-view, rather because we do not display ourselves to the world in our raw form. Every thing that we do in our lifetime is a mixture of various emotions factored with people, situations and time. Every decision we take, every action we do is one from a million that is processed in our head.

I used to think of myself as a carefree, fuck-the-world kinda guy. Then things happened, I changed, the world changed (my world changed). Now everything matters. Was that just a phase? An older version of me? If this is an update, then I sure as hell don’t like it. There’s a part that is still clinging on to my older self. Wanting to be that reckless kid again. I still pretend to be one to avoid the problems my current self has. Many people still see me as that person. However, I have learnt it the hard way that I am not that person anymore. This was just an example. I can only speak of myself cause I only know me. But I know for a fact that everyone can relate to it. Everyone at some point in time try to be someone else.

I am assuming that everyone must’ve been a fan of cartoons at some point in their life. Remember the Shoulder-Angel and the Shoulder-Devil? Well, I feel that it is not just in cartoons, but also in real life that these exist. We don’t see them physically, however, they are constantly present causing conflicts in your mind. People say it’s just bad decision making skills. I don’t believe that’s true. When there are a thousand voices in your head it’s hard to tune 999 of them out and concentrate on the one. Well, we do finally pick one and that constitutes to our personality, our whole life. It also determines what others think of you. What’s more important is that it determines what you think of yourself. When comes the day where you don’t like what you see, that’s when you pretend.

I would like to end by saying just one thing..

We can’t help the fact that we are not truthful about who we are. That’s just us being human. What we can do though is be the one person among the thousand you can be who you believe is the best version of yourself. Cause what we believe is what keeps us going.


The Small Things in Life


Happiness. Another thing that we thrive for. Something we all believe we work our whole life for. Even happiness has variants.The one we want is the one that is chronic. We want it to last forever. We work our whole lives toward it. What we don’t realize though is that this long lasting happiness is divided into a lot of fragments.

I believe there has never been anything ever like long-lasting happiness. For me at least it is divided into a lot of smaller moments. We never think about it that way though. Even I didn’t. A very small event caused this epiphany. Today I saw my friend feeding a litter of puppies. The fact that struck me the most is that along with the puppies, even my friend was having fun.

A smile across the face.

A sense of fulfilment.

This was just one instance which caused a chain reaction in my head. I relived hundreds of moments wherein I had felt the same within a matter of seconds. So many small things we just ignore but play a significant role in shaping your life. It is not just happiness that you feel. Every emotion, your likes, dislikes, everything is formed from these moments. As a matter of fact your whole life is defined by these moments.

So as my friend puts it..

Well he messed up. So I am not gonna use it here. Have fun.

Interesting Life


So today’s topic huh?

Phew! So much  to say.

Isn’t it ironic how the guy who wrote this – ‘Bored? Hell Yeah!’ is writing on something like Interesting Life? Well to be honest I had a lot of help. With all the help that I got I realized that everybody has a different take on life, which is of course obvious. So let’s just get to it then.

When faced with a question if your life is interesting, what would you say? I have realized over the years that almost everybody thinks that somebody else’s life is always better than their own. Please concentrate on the almost (which is why I gave it the Italic effect, duh!). If you do not fall in the almost everybody category, then well, HATS OFF! Cause I for sure know that I do.

So, what makes anybody’s life interesting? I wanted to know the perspective of different people on this question. So, I did something I felt would be interesting to do. I conducted a social survey. It helped too. Some said that the routine should break. A little bit of unbalance helps to add a little color. Some felt the need to have something different everyday. Some chose to wish for the freedom to make their own choices, no matter wherever it takes them. Some said you have to love what you do while others said to follow the passion. There was a long list of things that people wanted in their life like endless travel, shopping, a good job, a mansion of their own, girl of their dreams etc.  One even said the he wanted to invent something (Cool!).

By the time I finished my survey I realized one single thing. It’s not an interesting life that people want to live, rather it’s a satisfying one. All  these needs that people mentioned are to fill the holes they think exists in their life. The need to feel fulfilled. The only thing is that nothing’s ever enough. No matter what you do, what you have, where you are or with who, there’s always going to be a part of you that wants more. It is never interesting enough or satisfying enough.


That was me falling into the deep pit of my dark thoughts. You don’t have to. Just concentrate on what’s there in your life and lemme know your thoughts on this post!



My Idea of a Dystopian World


I’ve always been into fiction. For me it’s always been better and more amusing than the reality. Whenever bored, the made-up world has always helped me pass the time. New people, new structures, new creatures and new roads every time. Well don’t all of us like a good story telling session? Haven’t explored the real world much, but I make up for that in my own creation. While there have been really great places in my mind, there have been equal number of bad ones too. The ones which wake you up at night. The ones which are really good to have adventures in but you wouldn’t really want to be living in. The ones with all the pain and suffering.

As I said I haven’t explored this world much so the vices I’ve seen in this world are just as little. For me dystopia isn’t one where a huge apocalyptic event has wiped out much of our world with very few people left behind surviving the nature’s cruelty. Nor is it the one where there are dead people walking around or some dark super-creature is destroying our earth. If we fall into something dark of that magnitude I believe it’s going to be cause of us. The way the world is today it’s not long before we go back to the old ways.

I feel like everyone these days are interested in showing-off their might. It’s only been a while since we’ve moved on from the bad practices from before. No vice has been totally eliminated. I fear the rebellion is going to come back strong. Major wars, anti-secularism, racism, gender inequality etc are all some of the things we’ve left behind. However, you can feel their presence even now. Though it’s much much lesser now, it feels like this is just the calm before the storm. If that’s the case and the madness lets loose, it’s going to be catastrophic. Apart from these, there’s always a chance of the things that you see in sci-fi movies like a leak of some dangerous virus or some really bad after effect of a major issue like global warming to happen. And what do we do when it all hits us together?

The key to survive any post-apocalyptic or any dystopian world is UNITY. The above mentioned problems are all that divides us i.e the common folks. They are beliefs and practices that make us fight each other. They get to our heads and spread across farther than any virus could. So, it’s important for us to get over these malpractices. ERADICATION. Help each other fight the vices inside us. Promote HOPE and PEACE.

Shit! That just got real serious. I’d like to leave it at that. I know it’s an abrupt ending, but I don’t do serious. Share your views.

Take care Amigos!


The ‘I’ve Gone Insane’ Theory


So, I’ve been thinking…

Thinking a lot actually. People say that it’s not good for my health. Cause when I think a lot, I come up with a lot of nonsense. Nonsense that makes no sense (what?). Nonsense like you’ve never heard before. Not the kind where people boast and then you say “NONSENSE!”, rather the kind where you go “THIS SHIT MAKES NO SENSE!”. I know that it’s hard to understand what I am trying to explain here, so please read on to understand the kind of nonsense that I am talking about.

I’ve never been a much of a believer in the concept of GOD. I wouldn’t say that I am an atheist, but as I said, not much of a believer either. So it really hit me hard when I saw the movie – ‘THE TRUMAN SHOW’ a few years back. I’ve been developing this theory in my mind ever since. This theory that I am talking about is on the same lines of our whole lives being controlled by somebody else. But unlike in the movie, in my theory I don’t think our life is a part of some cruel reality TV show.

There’s a part of me that thinks that our lives only exists in that particular moment in which we are present. For me, it is that the whole world revolves around me (No, I am not self-obsessed). What I am trying to say here is that sometimes I feel like I am the only person who actually exists. Everything and everyone else is relative to me. For example, when I am at my home, the only ones who exist at that particular moment is my house, my family etc. Everything else like my friends, their houses, my work, college, the people there, everything is just empty. There’s nothing there. Things and people are only present till my eyes can see them, my ears can hear them, my nose can smell them, my tongue can taste them or my skin can feel them. As I move everything just ‘comes to be’.

It might be the same for you who is reading this. Maybe you are the only person who actually does exist. The only reason I am here and writing this is cause it’s a part of your story. Maybe I am not even writing this. In your story the post is just there. Just a really small factor covering a really small moment in your life which is fragmented into innumerable similar moments. For me, as a person writing this, the only thing which exists right now is me, my friend, this room and this laptop. Even you don’t play a part in this fragment of my life cause you are not here and I don’t know if you are, as I say it, ‘just there’.

Please do share your views if you have thought about your life in a different way. I’d like to know more ways of taking a look at this crazy roller-coaster thingy that we call ‘LIFE’.

Something on Tech and Privacy


Well, it has been a long time since I wrote anything here. It’s mainly cause of the fact that most of my content is about the weird shit that happens in my life and lately it has been more of a routine. The routine is boring af. Day-in and day-out doing the same things over n over. Sleep being the only thing I look forward to. Suddenly, yesterday, MY OH MY! That ‘WEIRD SHIT’ I was looking for. That being said, I’ve wasted a lot of time explaining myself, so let’s get to the topic.

So, yesterday I was sitting on the commode when the rock song that I was so used to hearing, but was nothing that I represented, started playing. That’s when a flurry of thoughts started running through my mind – Who could it be? Why is someone calling? Is it important? If yes, then what would it be? Should I ask somebody to get me the phone?


Wait! What?

That’s when it struck me. I cherish my potty-time. It’s when I get my brightest and dumbest ideas (like this post :P). Why was I trying to ruin my best and private moment? Well, that is how much TECH has influenced our lives.

It’s becoming harder day by day to stay away from our Mobile Phones, Laptops, Fit Bits etc. Man and tech have become inseparable. Mobile phones have started replacing dogs as MAN’s BEST FRIEND. It’s only a matter of time before AI(Artificial Intelligence) makes its way to the common market and then humans won’t be needing a company of other humans. Today everyone can know everything about every stranger on this huge planet of ours. Nothing is just ours anymore.

If I keep continuing, I know that it’ll just get more serious. I don’t wanna take things there. There’s a lot more I have in mind about this. Then again I fear that the people who know me might consider me as a hypocrite for writing this cause I am one of those who has always been fascinated by the development that our tech industry has gone through over the years. I follow it closely and make full efforts to enjoy everything that it offers. But it might be just time to rethink how much I am going to let these stuff be a part of my daily life. Maybe you guys should too..

The Art of Being a ‘Know-It-All’

Imagine yourself walking……

A heavy-metal rock BG Music playing……

Fireworks behind you…..

Seems like a movie scene, doesn’t it? Well…that’s how I felt in a very normal, but somehow weird (Yeah, yeah I know that both of those words contradict each other) turn of events that took place today.

These events included a statement from me which mad me look like a ‘know-it-all‘ kinda guy. When I came out of this unnatural and un-happening (not a word!) sequence of events, I  took a moment to understand what the guy, whom I stated that fact to felt like. I know one thing for sure; he must have thought the following thing – ‘What a show-off’, coz you know, well…people don’t generally like a know-it-all.

Here’s the thing that pesters me though, how can somebody be a know-it-all? All means everything right? How can somebody know everything? There’s so much to know about this messed-up but mysterious and crazy world of ours. No-one can have so much knowledge. This fact brings me to my title for this post. If nobody can be a know-it-all, then the ones who seem like it are pretending right? And if they are pretending, and we believe them, then isn’t that an art? Hence, the art of being a know-it-all!

I know that it’s just a phrase that people use and does not literally mean what it sounds like. But when you don’t have content to write on, you need to make shit up. And for some reason, I like making shit up. This is my art!

To read more about ‘KNOW-IT-ALL’, Click Me!

Take Care Amigos!


The Journey of a Candy Wrapper

Going on adventures is an integral part of living your life to the fullest, or so I believe. Even though I believe that I do not live by it. Nor does my schedule allow me to (makes me sound like an important person). So, here I was today thinking about adventures and one sudden object popped into my mind, It was a candy wrapper.

Somebody had offered me a candy earlier today and being the person that I am, I took it without even blinking an eye. I ate the candy at that very instant rather than keeping it for later and stuffed the empty wrapper into one of my jean pockets. Never did it once come to my mind that I had a candy wrapper in my pocket for the next few hours.

I was returning home later that day and was walking towards the railway station to board a train. I was searching for something in my pocket and my hand felt a plastic presence which was the wrapper. I took it out. By this point I had already reached the station and I noticed a garbage bin nearby and was about to put the wrapper in it. But instead of any regular person who would just go near the bin and just put it in I decided to throw it from afar. It was a terrible decision coz I missed the mark and the wrapper ended up on the platform. I was about to pick it up and try my luck once again when an Express train happened to pass by.

The train was moving so fast since it had no halt at the station that it took the wrapper with it. I watched as the wrapper flew and flew until I couldn’t see it anymore because of my short vision. That’s when I decided to write this post and as I am finishing it I realize what a bunch of b.s this post is.

Take care buds!

Living the Dream Chapter 2 (Part 2)

I felt my eyes opening again. I was unaware of the events taking place in my life and I found myself baffled and clueless for the third time in a few hours.

The number of people present in the room now were far less than the last time. I was surprised by the looks on their faces. The previous time it was of joy and merry. This time it was the exact opposite of what had been. The looks on their faces were of concern and sorrow.

I could still feel that pain on my forehead. My head felt heavy. Somehow, I had managed to hurt myself and that heavy feeling was of the layers and layers of bandage cloth wrapped around my forehead.

Now, as I tried to turn my head, I saw a middle-aged woman by my side. I could clearly see that out of all the people in the room, she looked the most worried. Tears were rolling down her cheeks real slow. I remembered seeing tears in her eyes earlier too, but she didn’t look gloomy then. Rather, she was happy. As I tried to rest my head on the fluffy pillow I wondered how different emotions could trigger the same response from your body. It was truly a mystery. Just as much of a mystery as what was happening to me.

Chat with a Time-Traveller

(Pre-script: Hey guys!

So, I was just browsing through chatrooms the other day and I stumbled across one which piqued my interests. It was a closed group. Somehow, I got a chance to chat with a time-traveller. This is an excerpt from the chat.

Please read till the end!)

Me: Hey!
Traveller: Hello!
Me: Time-travel Enthusiast here.
Traveller: Time-Traveller here.
Me: Cool!
Me: Really? Are there real travellers here?
Traveller: Yeah. I am one of em.
Me: Lol. Which year r u from?
Traveller: 2049
Me: Umm…Okay..
Me: So, how’s world?
Traveller: So you wanna know the future?
Me: Yeah!
Traveller: What do you wanna know?
Me: How is everything? WW3 happen yet?
Traveller: Not yet. But the rumor has been hovering like forever!
Me: So is it gonna happen soon?
Traveller: Maybe…
Me: So is the US still a super-power? Who is leading them?
Traveller: Yeah! And the president is a transgender. He was the leader of the LGBT Rights Commission before becoming the president of the states. He is one hell of a leader!
Me: When did Trump go?
Traveller: A year and a half after he became the prez!
Me: How?
Traveller: The books say somebody grabbed him by his d**k and threw him out of the office! Turns out he is not the only one who can do some private-part-grabbing!
Me: Oh!
Me: Now I wanna know about my country..How is India doing?
Traveller: Still a developing country. #5th on the corruption list.
Me: Who is the prime minister?
Traveller: Of?
Me: India
Traveller: I don’t remember the lady’s name.. But she is good. Better than any man who led the country. At least that’s what the people say!
Me: Population?
Traveller: Most populated. Surpasses China by 2020.
Traveller: Merged with Pakistan and Bangladesh again.
Me: Oh! That’s good.
Me: What about terrorism?
Traveller: Lowest rates in decades.
Me: How is transportation in 2049?
Traveller: Almost the same..
Me: Come are lying right?
Traveller: Nope! Not much in the automobile industry.
Traveller: Germany has lost control of their engineering strongholds. Volkswagen is in debt.
Me: What about the tech industry?
Traveller: Google has a really good competitor. Baidu is spreading their reach. Expanding beyond China!
Traveller: Facebook is out of business, but the other branches of Facebook like whatsapp are doing good!
Traveller: Later Apple was challenged by a new brand called THE MELON!
Traveller: I have told you too much already. I have to go now!
Me: Wait! I have one more question.
Me: Is there something very important that is going to happen and I should know about?
Traveller: As I said I have already said too much. But I’ll say this though –
Traveller: Watchout! Cause WINTER IS HERE!

Living The Dream Chapter 2 (Part 1)

(Pre-script: Sorry for the delay guys…I got lazy!)

I was wide awake by this point. However, I couldn’t make sense of what was going on around me. People I didn’t know, I couldn’t recognize seemed happy to see me.

It was not long before I realized that it was a birthday celebration. People were laughing, giggling, thrilled. All happy emotions one could think of, I could see. I was being tended. Smiles was being shared all around. It was all too much. It was really overwhelming.

I got up and left the room. I was searching for a quiet place. Then I saw it – A washroom! I would have been the happiest person at that instant of time, that too, just on seeing a washroom. I got in and closed the door behind me. I went in so that I could gather myself. All of this seemed like a dream. So, I decided to wake me up by washing my face. As I turned to do exactly the same my eyes fell on a mirror. I was stunned! I couldn’t look away. I saw myself as a whole other human being. It really wasn’t me.

I could sense my heartbeat. It was slowing down one beat at a time. I couldn’t do anything. It was like I was having a paralysis attack or at least what I thought paralysis attack would be like. I couldn’t move my feet or my arms or any part of my body. Everything from that point on was blurry with the only image clear was that of the guy I saw in the mirror. All I remember then, is my knees falling weak. Then I heard a loud thud and felt an excruciating pain on my forehead. And, the last sound I heard before my eyes closed again was that of a liquid droplet hitting the already wet ground – ‘PLUCK’.

Living the Dream Chapter – 1


          It was pitch black darkness. It was quiet. More quietness than I have ever experienced before. It was overwhelming.

          All of a sudden I start to hear voices. I see that the darkness was beginning to fade. I could see that first ray of light. I was happy to be seeing this ‘Light vs Dark’ fight. It reminded me of Star Wars. The light slowly started winning the battles. It was starting to get bright.

        The voices started to grow louder. By this time, I was able to see more than just the light. I could see shapes forming. More colors were being added into the mix. Different freestyle forms were starting to appear. These forms were like the ones I make using MS-Paint; meaning that I couldn’t make any sense out of them. They were blurry.

         As of now, the voices had become deafening loud. My ears shut down. All I could hear was – ‘EEEEEE’. I tried to compose myself and started to open my eyes. As I opened my eyes, the shapes that I was talking about started to grow clearer. I soon realized that they were people.

      My eyes were now fully open. I could see exactly what was going on. It was a celebration; for me. I had no idea why. The people standing in front of me were very happy. The only problem was that I grew anxious after seeing them. I could sense a chill running down my spine. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was scared. My head started to hurt.

       All of this coming down to one reason – I couldn’t recognize any one of them! I was on the verge of realizing that my life was about to turn upside-down.

Living The Dream – A Story

Hey guys,

So here’s the thing – I’ve been procrastinating writing posts a lot lately. I think a possible reason could be that I can’t find anything interesting to tell you guys about. Yes people – Life is boring nowadays (at least for me…).

I was thinking the other day about how there ought to be a way so that I can continue writing. And then it struck me; Stories! I remembered how interesting stories are. So I thought to myself – ‘Why not write one?’. It could be used as a post as well. I began exploring this new idea I had.

Now here I am with a start to my story. I just have a rough outline about what it would be. Also, I only have the start of the story figured out. I hope that the people reading my posts will actually relate to it and also that you can help me take it forward by giving me their opinions and insights about the story.

So, the next few posts will be on the new story that I developed just now called – LIVING  THE DREAM : A STORY.

Hope you’ll enjoy it & keep reading.

Angry? Grab a Reason!


So, today’s topic is something that has troubled me for a long time now. It’s not something people usually pick their brains over, cause it’s not that huge a mystery. Even then I haven’t fully figured it out. I feel like I am not a ‘generally angry person’. I try not to be cause it makes you frown. I like to keep a happy face as it makes people less curious about your life; and believe me it’s a lot more peaceful to keep it that way.

According to me anger is not a direct emotion. Confused? Let me explain it with a story.

A few days ago I was traveling to work by the ever-crowded local train. It was filled beyond it’s capacity. But that never stops us from making some more space,does it? (Totally rhetorical). So, people kept boarding. I was standing very close to the door. Close in this case being there was just one person ahead of me. The train started moving. People at the gates closed those made-up spaces. This is when I saw a guy running alongside one hand on the pole, trying to get in. He does (Hurrah!). Now comes the real fun part. So, the guy ahead of me starts shouting at the guy who just got in. The reason – Guy 2 stamped on Guy 1’s shoe. Well technically, he stamped on mine. That didn’t stop Guy 1 as he just wanted a reason to be angry.

Now, what I am trying to say here is that I don’t think that Guy 1 was really angry about the shoe-stamp. Felt like he was actually disappointed in himself for letting Guy 2 get in. He just channeled his disappointment into the ever burning furnace called anger to let it all out. I believe this is what every one of us does. I believe anger is fueled by disappointment. I have experienced it with people close to me. The degree of your disappointment decides if the anger is going to be short term or chronic. This might be why couple-fights have been stereotyped and made fun of as the fights where all the past mistakes come out. All those moments they let each other down.

Every time I lose my temper is when somebody lets me down. This is just my opinion though. My reason to justify my anger. If you feel like that this might not be the only reason or if you have a reason of your own just lemme know.